I Put a Spell on You: Theatrical Fusion Bellydance Choreography

This intensive 5-week course was originally taught via Zoom, and this course will give you the access to the class recordings as well as the additional study videos which include a class by class recap of the technique covered in each class, as well as a short video with the dance through of the routine so far, so you can practise the new elements learned in an easy accessible and logical way. 

What students say: "This is a great course and and routine. I love the class feel and totally forgot that it was a recording. Highly recommend," Jennifer, Steilacoom, WA, USA.

What to expect: Great emphasis is being put on the progressive learning of this routine and real student questions, recorded at the time this class was streamed live, will allow you to gain additional insights into the composition of the routine and the technical elements of the moves taught. 

This is so much more than a choreography class - this on-demand 5-lesson course will equip you with technique explanations, drills and combinations that you can use to add drama, intensity and stage presence to any dance performance. 

5 Modules

Lesson 1

In this class we will work on the opening sequence of this iconic song and blend sharp technique and sultry moves to set up for this powerful routine.

Lesson 2

This the second lesson we will work on the technique specific to verse 1 of this iconic song. 

Lesson 3

In this class we'll work on the powerful hip drop section as well as barrel turnes.  

Lesson 4

We've reached the 'winding down' section which will include expressive gestures, sharp technique and much more. 

Lesson 5

In the last and final class we will work on adding the final touches to this routine, working on beautiful arms and powerful shimmies. 

Modules for this product 5
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