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Welcome to the Ishtar Dance Online Studio

Looking for limitless dancing no matter where you live or are on your dance journey? Then you're in the right place as my online studio offers on-demand classes 24/7. 

Access my free 3-part Beautiful Arms and Hands Workshop to get started.

Bellydance Basics

Beginner to Improver level Bellydance Course: Laying the foundation for beautiful dancing

Shimmies A-Z

This ultimate on-demand shimmy course will not only explain and show the many various types of shimmies used within Bellydance, but it will also help you develop the strength and technique needed to help to dance them with confidence and joy. 

I Put a Spell on You: Theatrical Fusion Bellydance Choreography

In 5 x 60-minute lessons you will learn a sultry and strong Theatrical Fusion Choreography to the Natacha Atlas song: I put a spell on you. We will utilise the best technique from traditional and fusion Bellydance teamed with theatrical flair and expression to interpret this song and create a show stopping performance. 

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