Shimmies A-Z

In this 22-day on demand shimmy course you will not only learn the many various types of shimmies used within Bellydance, but also develop the strength and technique needed to help to dance them with confidence and joy. 

This in-depth course is created to help you shimmy your best no matter what your preferred style of Bellydance.

What Students Say: "I'm loving it and how it progresses. The short format is perfect so I can add it into my daily practise. I know my shimmies will have improved by the completion of it," Jen, Seattle, USA.

What to expect: It's recommend to set aside 5-10 each day to work through the over 40+ sessions aimed at develop your technique as well as physical strength no matter what your current level of Bellydance is. 

Are you ready to embrace your shimmy and take it to the next level? Then this is the right course for you!

26 Modules

Welcome, FAQ and Curriculum

Welcome to your best shimmies ever - and hopefully also to an amazing month of dancing.

The course, which I will also refer to as a challenge, is intended to get you practising little and often, and each lesson is therefore intended to be taken within a day, but please don't skip ahead and try to do several lessons in one go [unless you have completed the programme - in which case you will hopefully have acquired the strength, endurance and technical experience to do so].

Warm up

Warming up is essential. Sometimes we think we may not have time, but skipping ahead to drill without warning up first is counter productive, as your muscles won't be as responsive and learning therefore won't be as effective... 

Cool down

Making sure you cool down properly after each session will not only help you dance and shimmy better next time, but also help you relax and re-condition your muscles for the better. 

Lesson 1

Welcome to lesson 1 which is all about finding your feet and getting your foundation right.

We will then put this into practise with a short shimmy drill. 

Lesson 2

Make sure you are warmed up and ready to go - accessing the in-depth or short shimmy warm up as today we're extending our technique and practise. 

Lesson 3

Often we think we know how to shimmy - but reviewing our technique is always important so we avoid developing bad habits that will impact our technique.  

Lesson 4

Today we'll look at ideas for how to keep that shimmy going if you loose the rhythm. We will also double the tempo in our drill. 

Lesson 5

When to practise and how to benefit the most from your efforts.

Lesson 6

How to keep that shimmy going and flow better? Today we're looking at exactly that. 

Lesson 7

What to do when you have a bad shimmy day? And what when you get out of your usual routine? This is exactly what today's videos cover. 

Lesson 8

A really useful exercise to help build and control your shimmies - ready to enter the Matrix?

Lesson 9

There are many different types of shimmies and they tend to be powered differently, which is also why they look and feel so different. 

Lesson 10

Laying a shimmy onto of other moves will always be a compromise. Today we'll explore why and start laying a shimmy onto a shifting hip circle. 

Lesson 11

Today we're continuing laying our shimmies onto other moves and look at a key exercise if you want to improve your overall strength and endurance. 

Lesson 13

Today we're looking at how to create travelling shimmies and also how to do them with a vintage touch.

Lesson 14

Today we'll explore the power of the floor when masterning your shimmies, and also how this works for one-legged shimmies. 

Lesson 15

Today we're only focussing on our drill so feel free to repeat it several times if you can. Using everything we've learned so far we'll explore hip slides, circles and figures of 8s layered with a beautiful constant shimmy all the way through. 

Lesson 16

Today we're exploring how to add shimmies onto undulations (non-travelling camels). 

Lesson 17

In this lesson we'll develop our coordination and stamina to master 1-legged shimmies too using the Shimmy Square exercise.  

Lesson 18

Adding a shimmy onto a vertical figure of 8 will hopefully feel easy after the previous lesson. If not, please review the technique again before commencing today's drill. 

Lesson 19

Sometimes it can be difficult to stop and start your shimmies or even think of different types of shimmies on the spot. But what if you could improvise an entire drum solo just with shimmies?

Lesson 20

Having already mastered how to add a shimmy onto your undulations - today we'll work on laying our camels. 

Lesson 21

Can you walk and shimmy at the same time? Yes absolutely. And in todays' video we'll cover how...

Lesson 22

We have already explored how to add shimmies onto reversed camels, but today's video will go into a bit more depth and allow you to practise them again. 

Lesson 23

Welcome to your final lesson where we'll put it all together in a 5-minute improvised drum solo. 

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