Bellydance Basics

Learn how to bellydance in just 6 sessions! This unique course is aimed at building and layering the foundations for flawless technique, so you can develop your dancing with confidence and add levels and nuances as you go through this course. We finish with a full oriental dance routine to help consolidate your learning. 

What students say: "I would have loved those detailed instructions on each move when I was a beginner, and being able to go back and watch them over and over again. A perfect beginners and beyond course," Jennifer.

What to expect: Great emphasis is put on posture, transitions and technique as well as lots of fun dance combinations. This is a progressive course, which means you'll be guided through the video tutorials in a way that builds on teachings from the previous lesson. You can of course access the lessons whenever it suits you and return to specific lessons at any point should you want to. 

In fact, several layers have been added to the technique taught in this course, and by revisiting it, you will be able to add more elements to your dancing as your basic technique, coordination and strength develops. 

7 Modules

Welcome and course introduction

Welcome to my Bellydance Basics Course. I've designed it to give beginners as well as improver level dancers a thorough foundation in the most common bellydance moves.

I have dedicated a lot of time on breaking down the technique so that you can learn with confidence, but have also added in ways to develop the technique so you can progress once you've nailed the basics. 

But please don't rush. Learning quickly doesn't necessarily mean you're learning well so please take you time to ensure you engrain the moves into your muscle memory in the best possible way. 

Watch the course introduction video for all the essential information on posture and how to proceed through this online learning course. 

I hope you enjoy your dance journey. 

Lesson 2: Creating beautiful shapes

Welcome to your second week of Bellydance Basics. 

In this class, we will recap and consolidate what you've already learned in lesson 1, and explore new techniques as well as ways of developing these by starting to add beautiful arms too. 

Enjoy your lesson. 

Lesson 4: Dancing with your entire body

Welcome to your fourth session where we'll work on dancing with our entire body - not just feet, hips, and arms. Get ready to explore reversed horizontal 8s, tuck/releases, chest circles and much more. 

Happy dancing!

Lesson 5: Power- and graceful dancing

In this our fifth session we will look at moves and techniques that will really add power as well as grace to your dancing. 

We'll explore how to utilize and isolate our glutes to create dance moves and enhance others. How to create an effortless turn over 3 steps, and how to use the earthy 'hip down step'.

Happy powerful dancing!

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